Christine Courter, PA

    Helping my clients achieve their goals is our top priority.

    John and I work together as a team. We both bring unique qualities, based on our backgrounds in Real Estate, investing and business ownership.

    We are honest and candid. We take pride in being approachable and friendly. And if you need a quick real estate brain, or a strong dose of honesty, you’re in the right place. Loyalty to family, clients, and friends is one of our core values.

    If your goal or situation isn't something we are the best at, don't worry. Contact me anyway. If we can't help, we can get you referred to an another agent who can.

    On a professional level, here are the skill-sets that we developed over the years:

    Listening. Unfortunately, it’s a lost art these days. We know this area we have lived in Cape Coral for 20+ years. You may have run into me at the Lee County Clerk's office. I worked in the Tax Deed Sales Department for 6 years. If you ever visited the Tire Warehouse and Service Center, located in the Cape Coral Industrial Park, that was us! John owned and operated the business for over 20 years!

    We are owners and investors of real estate in Cape Coral and love living here.

    Christine Courter, PA
    RE/MAX Realty Team | Cape Coral
    2326 Del Prado Blvd
    Cape Coral, FL 33990

    Christine Courter, PA

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